Fue Hair Transplant Cost Comparison

The Fue hair transplant cost in is in accordance with the amount of transplanted grafts needed as well as your preferred travel options. Here we are intending to give a summary of the average fue hair transplant cost for a hair surgery in the destination country.

FUE hair transplant in Turkey has become most preferred between foreign patients seeking budget friendly hair transplant surgery. The achievement of hair transplant surgery tourism in the coutrny is caused by its world-class facilities and certified doctors and services for more affordable prices.

Comparing Fue Hair Transplant Cost

In comparison with fue hair transplant cost in UK, North America or Canada, fue hair transplant cost in Turkey is much lower. However, the lower price doesn’t mean the service quality is reduced too. The country has the most effective facilities, and therefore, keeping the high quality for more affordable costs turns into popular with medical tourists throughout the earth.

Note: Average Costs (Euro) on Fue Hair Transplant Surgery

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION1900€5315 €7534 €5897 €- 8846 €

What is included in fue hair transplant cost if you decide to travel with our agency?

Excellent Quality Medical Service:

Top quality medical attention in the professional centers by our qualified surgeons.

Hotel or Hospital Accommodation:

You will stay at our luxury hotels or hospitals.

Flight Terminal Transfer:

Our team will pick international patients from the airport and drop you off to the airport on the departure time.

Transfer from the hotel and our hospitals:

Our bilingual team will manage all the transportation for foreign patients between the hotel and the hospital.

Surgery Costs:

Operation, taxes, tests, and the medicines after the surgery.

The above illustrated the average price list is only a guide for providing an idea of the fue hair transplant cost. However, the number of transplanted grafts might sometimes change the price. When a deep analysis is made by the surgeons, the specific number of grafts is determined on your behalf.

To find out the exact number of grafts necessary for the hair transplant, reasons such as texture, hair thickness, hair color, and situation of the donor location including your demands need to be taken into account. All these aspects impact on the fue hair transplant cost.

To receive a more detailed free quote we require from our patients;

  • Picture from the side of the head
  • Photo of the top, displaying exactly the top head
  • Picture of the front, with the head bent slightly forward

Please send the pictures and the desired dates for the travel. Within two to three business days you’ll receive detailed fue hair transplant cost estimation for the hair transplant surgery.

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