Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey provides a successful surgery at affordable costs with skilled and specialized cosmetic surgeons who complete the treatment with FUE Technique. Our clinics have many qualified clinical doctors and nursing staff all can speak multiple languages who are responsible for attracting foreign patients towards the clinics and helping them during the stay in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey / Surgery Savings and High Quality Medical Tourism

Our Fue Hair Transplant Price:

1,670 € - Maximum Number of Grafts

All our FUE hair transplant options include:

Medical Tourism Packages
1) Hotel accommodation.
2) PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma
3) Examinations, blood tests and check-ups after the surgery.
4) Medicines, shampoo and lotions.
5) Hats, bandages, cushions.
6) Airport pick-up and back to the airport, transfers between hotel and hospital or clinic.
7) Translator and translation fees.
8) Our consultation.

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With these significant differences in the price tag and compering this with the quality, it’s why no surprise that Hair Transplant Turkey has changed into a preferred destination to travel for those searching who like to have hair transplantation surgery…

Advanced FUE technique

In private hair transplant clinic and hospitals in Turkey, hair transplantation operations are performed by using the latest FUE techniques. Therefore, no cut is applied and no long-lasting and serious scar is performed. Preferably instead, the hairs are wisely and separately taken out one Follicular Unit at once. These particular FUs include 1 to 4 hairs. As soon as the hair is pulled from donor area, the FUs are inserted within the bald sites. Following 6 to 12 months the ultimate response to the hair transplant is achieved.

Process of Hair Transplant Surgery

1) Looks at the patient’s pictures and his or her loss of hair presence by the specialist
2) Suggestions and feedback from the general supervisor
3) Quoted price and additional details
4) Arranging dates
5) Organization of trip (hotel and transportation services in Turkey)
6) One day of procedure, followup initial hair wash and check ups

Hair Transplant Turkey
Hair Transplant Turkey

Our exclusive services at a glance:

  • Absolutely no visible scar problems
  • FUE Professionals
  • Years of experience
  • Client care by “Medical Travels” team members
  • Quick recovery times
  • Possible to receive body hair transplant
  • Local anesthesia
  • Procedure period: One or 2 days
  • Accommodation period in Turkey: 3 to 4 nights
  • Accommodation type: hotel
  • Price: Fixed prices aims to obtain maximum number of grafts up to 4500 grafts gives details about the hair transplant clinics and hospitals in Turkey when you need it and enables you to learn about hair transplant procedure, and evaluate services and expenses. We’ve gathered a large, developing relational database of health tourism services, facilities and procedures, which make us the leading source of information for people looking for patient services internationally.

Using “Get A Free Quote” program from our team can give you quotes on your special preferences for the hair transplant Turkey. Info is available by will certainly provide help to learn better the advantages of health travel, plus assist you in comparing prices on the list of varied hospitals and clinics available. Our agency provide immediate free quotes to potential patients who fill out our Get A Free Quote form.